Artist statement

My main areas of work are the creation of etchings, lino’s and collagraphs. Producing traditional graphics is an artisanal occupation, which to me is much more challenging and exciting than, for example, painting. I love the complex process and am always amazed at the various effects that a printing plate can produce, simply by experimenting and varying ink colours, plate tones and paper types.

I record all experiments and processes in extensive work documentation files from which I can draw on in the future. Safety and the environment are important in my daily work; a protected working environment and proper storage are therefore a precondition for my safety.

My inspiration comes primarily from nature; where shapes, colours and patterns often show themselves to us in surprising and complex images. Harmony, composition and balance are important components for the creation of my etchings, linocuts and collagraphs.

I work both freely and on commission, and my work can now be seen in a large number of locations, more about this later.

For years I have been a member of Kunstkring Artimosa, an active art association from Reuver (in the province of Limburg) with more than 50 members from various disciplines. A colourful group of people who like to exhibit their art in the region of Venlo - Weert - Roermond and exchange experiences through exhibitions, art lending, courses and excursions.


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